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Wyatt gets grass cutting investigation.

by michaelwyatt on 10 June, 2015

Local Councillor Michael Wyatt has raised local grass cutting issues with senior officers at Leicestershire County Council who have agreed to investigate.

There have been dozens of complaints with the level of service, especially in the Greenhill, Castle Rock and Whitwick area. Discussions with officers have revealed that the majority of complaints have come from residents in North West Leicestershire. This, combined with pictures taken from the area, convinced them to investigate.

Michael said, “There have been a huge number of complaints over how badly local grass cutting services have deteriorated over the years. Much of this is down to Tory cuts to the budget. I’ve taken pictures of some of the worst affected areas and am pleased that Council officers have agreed to investigate. I really do believe that the District Council or the area within the Coalville special expense area should now consider taking over the roll of cutting our local grass verges. The District Council have a really good Parks department who I’m sure could do a much better job. The current standard is sub-standard ands should not be accepted.”

Cllr Wyatt will be meeting officers on Thursday to discuss this issue further.

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