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Tories do u-turn over grass cutting review

by michaelwyatt on 30 September, 2015

The Liberal Democrats have welcomed the grass cutting u-turn from the Tories, but blasted the Tories for not listening sooner.

Cllr Michael Wyatt said: “Months ago we called for the Tories to review the grass cutting service. There was huge public concern, and doing shoddy work then paying extra to re-do it obviously wasn’t an efficient way to run the service.

At the time, Peter Osborne dismissed what we said as ‘lacking intellectual rigour’, though seems now to have changed his tune.

I’m glad he’s finally come round, but if he’d listened to us sooner, perhaps we could have cleared this mess up earlier.”

Michael would like to thank everyone who joined his campaign recently to force the council to take action to look again at the grass cutting fiasco.

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