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Theresa May must turn up to the TV debate

by michaelwyatt on 31 May, 2017

Theresa May called this election, but now won’t even turn up to debate the issues. I think her illusiveness, just like her policies, demonstrates her utter lack of regard for the British people.

She’s clearly terrified of having to defend the cruel and heartless policies in the Conservative manifesto, 20 of which she’s said she’ll review AFTER the election.

This is simply not good enough.

From Brexit to the Dementia Tax, to restricting winter fuel payments and capping energy bills, Theresa May is keeping us in the dark on these issues. What is she plotting? How cold and mean-spirited will her vision for Britain become? The British people deserve to know.

The more Liberal Democrat MPs are elected, the more we can hold Theresa May to account on her yet-to-be finalised policies.

If you support us in our bold opposition, vote Lib Dem on 8th June.

Thank you,

Tim Farron

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