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Help stop Rushton’s Fire Cuts to Coalville fire Station

by michaelwyatt on 30 September, 2015

michael fire station


At the meeting of the Combined Fire Authority in Leicestershire, the Conservative and most of the Labour members voted together to begin consultation on a severe package of cuts to the service.

The Fire Brigade Union have warned that the proposals could have serious implications on the ability of the service to keep Leicester and Leicestershire residents safe.

The Fire Authority contains six Labour members, six Conservative members and three Liberal Democrats, so if either the Labour or Conservative members had chosen to, they could have blocked these proposals, but they chose not to.

The Chairman of the CFA is Tory County Council Leader Nick Rushton and the Vice Chair Labour Leicester Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby.

The proposals are to: • Remove one of the two whole-time crewed fire engines from Loughborough fire station. • Close Central fire station and sell the building. • Establish Market Harborough as a single fire engine whole-time crewed fire station. • Revise existing plans to introduce the Day Crewing Plus duty system at Wigston fire station by establishing a two whole-time crewed fire engine station. • As a consequence of establishing the revised crewing arrangements at Wigston and Market Harborough, close Kibworth fire station and sell the building. • Establish Lutterworth as a whole-time crewed single fire engine fire station. Whole-time fire engine to be crewed between 0700 hours and 1900 hours Monday to Friday. On-call cover will be maintained outside of these hours. • Replace the on-call fire engines at Melton and Coalville fire stations with Tactical Response Vehicles. • Replace the fire engine at Billesdon fire station with a Tactical Response Vehicle. • Remove the on-call fire engine from Hinckley fire station.

The FBU Chairman Gavin Lynch described these new Tactical Response Vehicles as the equivalent of “a pick-up truck with a pressure washer” in the meeting. Even the Chief Fire Officer admitted they could only deal with very small incidents.

Cllr Michael Wyatt said, “The Consultation starts on 25th September and runs until 4th December 2015. Please have your say and log onto the link below. We need to show Cllr Rushton that we are not prepared to sit back and allow him make such drastic cuts to the Fire Service that could potentially put lives at risk.”

leicestershire fire service cuts

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  1. alan marriott says:

    Nick rushden has got in for coalville, he hates the place, ask him what he has closed down in Ashby.Now he seems to be taking his mate Soulsby along.Time that both left their jobs.

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