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Wyatt backs ASDA’s jobs for Coalville!

by michaelwyatt on 22 April, 2009

Cllr Michael Wyatt has written a letter to the local press in support of the ASDA planning application (below) Dear Editor, Concerning the proposed Asda site I would like to urge all members of the planning committee to make a decision as soon as possible, which I hope they will support with open arms. Not […]

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Lib Dems hit back at Tory Lies…

by michaelwyatt on 19 March, 2008

Local Tory Agent stooped to an all time low for attacking the Lib Dems for having the nerve to put forward a budget. The Tories have clearly shown they are embarrassed and have been shown up by the Lib Dems on the District Council for their lack of vision, and their willingness to keep the free […]

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